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Three Prostitute Myths


It amazes me that in the age of the emperors club where numerous TV shows constantly “expose” the world of “high end” illegal prostitution, that stereotypes associated with street walkers are still attributed to professional sex workers. I’m here to … full story…

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Why Legal Prostitution is Just Wrong

Attractive police office in dark room

Prostitution is wrong. We know this because we have been told so for a very long time. The word “prostitute” conjures up images and ideas that have been cultivated by humankind for millennia. From Mary Magdalene to Ashley Dupre, the … full story…

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How To Have A Threesome

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The threesome is one of the most popular male fantasies and is often revealed to be the #1 sexual fantasy in many online surveys. msn reports that 63% of men would like to try a threesome but only 14% have … full story…

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Happy Ending Massage

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Las Vegas travelers often hope to add a bit of naughty fun to their Sin City visit and explore the sensual pleasures of a happy ending massage. Nothing quite compares to the tingling fingertips of a gorgeous masseuse as she … full story…

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