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Chicago Admits Prostitution is Not a Real Crime

sexy woman in prison

Chicago is faced with overcrowding in the city’s Cook County Jail. The institution is currently at 98% capacity and Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle says that there is no room in the budget to house more criminals. The solution: … full story…

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How to Enjoy Sex


Wait, what? Isn’t sex inherently enjoyable? Isn’t that how we’ve managed to keep the species going for so long? Well, yes. But in the internet age, where an overabundance of conflicting information can lead to anxiety, nervousness and self-consciousness about … full story…

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Lesbian Kiss: Why Does Everyone Go Wild for Girls Kissing? [VIDEO]


It’s undeniable that the vast majority of men are uncontrollably turned on by girl-on-girl action. As mentioned in an earlier post, sex with two girls is one of the most common scenarios men fantasize about. Nothing typifies this male fascination … full story…

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Sheri’s Playland: Naughty Schoolgirl Must be Punished

Naughty Schoolgirl Roleplay

Many who have experienced Sheri’s Playland consider our signature fantasy sex role play experience to be among the most enjoyable offerings from Sheri’s Ranch. An “adult Disneyland” that has captivated customers and courtesans alike, people just can’t seem to stay … full story…

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First Time Threesome: Tips for Couples Contemplating a Threesome

As mentioned in an earlier post about three-way sex, there are two primary types of threesomes: A threesome in which a male/female couple in a long-term relationship asks another woman to join them for sex. A threesome in which a … full story…

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