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Smoking Fetish: Why It Turns You And Me On

face of a beautiful girl, letting out smoke cigarettes

Let me start by explaining that I am a non-smoker, I used to smoke for years and then suddenly quit. My only reason for quitting was to live life a little healthier and I chose smoking as the habit that had to go. As a … full story…

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Sex Sells…Why?

Haute Shots

I certainly don’t need to tell people in the sex industry that sex sells. Everything from burgers to bronzer to actual sex is sold through erotic imagery and the promise of intimacy. There are some people who derogatively refer to … full story…

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Foot Fetish, Footjobs, and other Feet Fantasies


While we know that the attraction to the female foot has existed since the beginning of man, historians, psychiatrists and scientists have tried to explain why some people develop a foot fetish. Regardless of the reason or the cause, loving … full story…

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Prostitution and LinkedIn

Frau schreibt SMS

LinkedIn, the ridiculously popular social network for professionals, recently updated its user agreement to restrict individuals and companies from promoting prostitution-related services. This restriction includes organizations and individuals who practice prostitution legally. While LinkedIn is hardly a top marketing resource … full story…

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Vicksburg Mayoral Candidate Linda Fondren “Hated” Life as a Prostitute?


Recently it was reported that Linda Fondren, a Mayoral candidate in Vicksburg Mississippi, has a history with the Nevada brothel industry. As investors and stockholders in the RAHA Corporation, Fondren and her husband were owners of the Sagebrush Ranch, a … full story…

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