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Human Trafficking: Why Discourse Matters

Haute Shots

I am a self-identified sex worker rights activist. Cultural attitudes towards sex workers are fascinating to me, namely because I believe these attitudes are indicative of broader ideas about sexuality and gender. For example, when people say things like, “She … full story…

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What are the Most Popular Sex Positions?


In the beginning of most relationships, passion in the bedroom is hot and wild. You try this position, that position. Legs twisted and tossed, hair pulled, bent over the counter, pushed against the wall. The intensity of the lovemaking is … full story…

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Naughty Peeping Tom Makes a Voyeur Video

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Phoenix, one of the lovely and libidinous ladies of Sheri’s Ranch, recently wrote a blog post about voyeurism that listed several sex tips for naughty voyeurs looking to explore the perverted possibilities of the fetish. A true exhibitionist, Phoenix enjoys … full story…

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How To Get Off As A Voyeur

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Generally speaking, voyeurism is the act of watching someone during a private moment. Exhibitionism is the act of displaying something private to someone else. The key to safe and legal voyeurism and exhibitionism is consent. Without consent, both are usually … full story…

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