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Losing Virginity To A Prostitute

blonde with fresh cherry

If you are a male over the age of 20, and you have never had sex, you are one of the millions of adult virgin men living in the United States. American culture places an unrelenting stigma on adult virgins, … full story…

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Infographic: Nevada Prostitution


Since the 1970’s, brothels have been operating legally in Nevada. But exactly how much sexual activity occurs in a Nevada brothel on an annual basis and what type of sex acts do customers most often request when they visit a … full story...
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Breasts, Boobs, and Busty Beauties [PHOTOS]


Breasts! Tits, jugs, knockers, hooters, melons, headlights, or boobies. No matter what you call them, they are without a doubt the single most popular physical attribute in human history. All women have them and most men like them, a lot. … full story…

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Escorts on Twitter

Beautiful young business woman smiling with mobile phone in cafe

For several years, escorts and other types of sex workers have been using Twitter to advertise their services, and the legal prostitutes of Nevada are no exception. Courtesans working in legal brothels like Sheri’s Ranch can be found tweeting titillating tidbits about … full story…

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Why Visit A Las Vegas Strip Club?

Strip club sign

I’m amazed at how much money gentlemen spend in Las Vegas strip clubs. Now, those that read this are going to believe I’m bashing the strip club experience. I’m not! Some clubs are amazing places to party, relax, enjoy the … full story…

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All Porn Stars Are Prostitutes

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Dear porn industry, Stop looking down on adult video performers who work as legal prostitutes! Every girl in the industry does it, so why scorn porn stars who do it legally? Let’s face it. Everyone in the adult business has … full story…

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