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Female Ejaculation and the Elusive Squirting Pussy


I’ve taken an interest in and began reading the overwhelming amount of material online about female ejaculation, “squirting” or “gushing,” depending on what you want to call it. American society is not comfortable with this topic in my opinion.  Our … full story…

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The (Real) Pro Bowl


The National Football League and America’s legal brothels, two longstanding traditions that celebrate freedom, artistry, and the joys of an eligible receiver.  Super Bowl Fever is spreading like wildfire across the nation – and the licensed courtesan’s of Nevada’s bordellos … full story…

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Brothel Celebrity Wish List


Since the beginning of human civilization, we have been captivated by members of society who have achieved an incredible degree of popularity and recognition for their deeds. Whether it’s a beautiful ruler like Cleopatra or a scandalous figure like Rasputin, … full story…

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Tips For Male Virgins


How old were you when you gave up your virginity? Most of us might have been in High School. Some people waited until marriage. But what about the guys who did not give it up in their teens or never … full story…

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