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Golden Showers and other Water Sports

Paraphilia, the intense sexual excitement and gratification through fantasies that enlist extreme, abnormal, and unexpected behaviors. …have I sparked your interest yet? There are a few extreme sexual behaviors that are taboo and unspoken in mainstream society. Thus, such wild … full story…

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Alix Tichelman and the Legal Prostitution Debate

Alix Tichelman, an illegal prostitute, was recently arrested on suspicion of murder after allegedly injecting a lethal dose of heroin into Google executive Forrest Timothy Hayes and callously leaving him to die on his yacht in Santa Cruz. The horrific … full story…

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Shaming Johns and Criminalized Prostitution

On June 30th the Oakland Police Department announced the launch of a website that displays the names and photos of “pimps and purchasers,” individuals arrested for soliciting prostitutes or benefiting from prostitution. This is not the first time that a … full story…

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