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Does ‘The Girlfriend Experience’ Give Good GFE?

The Girlfriend Experience, Starz channel’s new drama starring Riley Keogh as a law student turned high-class sex worker is one of the best fictional stories about a prostitute ever told. Not because I, as a working girl at a legal … full story…

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Real Sex Workers Define the GFE (Girlfriend Experience)

On April 10th, Starz will launch its new series The Girlfriend Experience, a sure-to-be controversial show about the life of a high class prostitute. The Steven Soderbergh produced series premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and has received exceptionally good … full story…

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Sex Toys: Not Just For Women

There seems to be this myth that sex toys are only to be used when you’re alone, when you can’t have sex with your partner. Or worse, that they are for women only! Of course sex toys are all the … full story…

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