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Nevada’s Brothels vs. CES 2016’s Virtual Marketplace


CES brings nearly 200,000 additional visitors to Vegas, and a considerable portion of those visitors will indulge in indelicate activities that give “Sin City” its nickname. Las Vegas area brothels, for example, usually report a substantial uptick in business during the trade … full story…

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Sheri’s Hosts “Free Sex Sweepstakes” during CES 2016


With more than 170,000 attendees, The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show was a record breaking event. Swarms of executives, entrepreneurs, retailers, and tech-savvy enthusiasts from around the world gathered together to celebrate revolutionary technological innovations. This January, CES 2016 is also … full story…

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2015 Brothel Holiday Party!

provocative young woman in red lingerie

What: Sheri’s Ranch 2015 Adult Holiday Party When: Saturday, December 12th, 2015 starting at 8:00 PM Where: 10551 Homestead Road Pahrump, NV 89061 Who: age 21 and over Featuring: DJ Cass (from LAX, and PURE) How much: $10 at the … full story…

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Adult Halloween Party 2016


What: Sheri’s Ranch Adult Halloween Party When: Saturday, October 22th, 2016 starting at 8:00 PM Where: 10551 Homestead Road Pahrump, NV 89061 Who: age 21 and over Featuring: DJ Cass (from LAX, and PURE) How much: $10 at the door … full story…

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Meet the Millennial Prostitutes


There are over 50 million millennials in the American workforce. Born between the early 1980s and the early 2000’s, millennials have been both lauded for their entrepreneurship and criticized for their self-centeredness. Regardless of how they’re viewed by previous generations, … full story…

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Dining, Drinking, and Debauchery with VICE MUNCHIES


In the words of preeminent food writer M.F.K. Fisher, “First we eat, then we do everything else.” It’s fitting that every VIP sex party at Sheri’s Ranch comes with fine food and champagne, as pleasant conversation over a luscious meal has … full story…

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Training for a Sex-A-Thon


A propensity for deep compassion and empathy.  A non-judgmental disposition.  An entrepreneurial spirit. An open-minded view of human sexuality and a desire to explore a variety of carnal curiosities.  These are just some of the characteristics that come to mind … full story…

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Hot, Steamy Summer Vacation Sex!


The 4th of July is right around the corner, and Las Vegas is ready to host the 300,000 visitors that usually make their way to Sin City to celebrate Independence Day, Vegas-style. Gaming, partying, and all sorts of debauchery are … full story…

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Sheri’s Ranch Featured in VICE Canada Documentary


In a blog post about Canada’s new prostitution laws published last year, we discussed the merits of Nevada’s time-tested legal sex industry and suggested that it just might be a better model than C-36, the new Canadian law which criminalizes … full story…

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The Oft-Unmentioned Cure for Adult Virginity


There’s been some chatter in the news lately about adult virgins and their quest for sexual gratification. The Independent recently ran a piece about the challenges faced by Japan’s growing number of distressed virgins in their 30’s and 40’s, and … full story…

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