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Born and raised in Kentucky, Amber Lynn is truly an All American Gal. Blessed with seductive blue eyes, a charming Midwest personality, sexy curves in all the right places, and a smile to boot. She is a sophisticated, well educated, well traveled, and "well versed" woman who loves living life to the fullest. My Sheri's Ranch Profile

Let’s Talk Sex – First Time at a Legal Brothel

Las Vegas is notorious for its gambling, fine dining, impeccable shopping, and a lively night life. When in Vegas, a trip out to Pahrump to visit Sheri’s Ranch should definitely be on the list of things to do. It will … full story…

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Golden Showers and other Water Sports

Paraphilia, the intense sexual excitement and gratification through fantasies that enlist extreme, abnormal, and unexpected behaviors. …have I sparked your interest yet? There are a few extreme sexual behaviors that are taboo and unspoken in mainstream society. Thus, such wild … full story…

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12 Days of Sheri’s Sexy Christmas

The lovely ladies of Sheri’s Ranch send some sexy Holiday cheer your way with Amber Lynn’s naughty version of “12 Days of Christmas!” You can sing along with Amber and all of the gorgeous gals at our Holiday party on … full story…

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Cross Dressing Fetish Party

The idea of a man hiking up a pair of sexy fishnet thigh highs, putting on a form fitting dress, dolling themselves up with make-up, and stepping into sky high stilettos to look as beautiful and feminine as possible, is … full story…

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Perfectly Thick Booty, Big Breasts, and BBW

Woman are beautiful creatures, charming, angelic, and mysterious. We come in all shapes and sizes, and are all perfect in our own right. What is your perfect? From skinny and thin to thick and voluptuous, what tickles your fancy? Are … full story…

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