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I'm a super friendly, hot Filipina with a great sense of humor, an attitude that keeps you positive about life, and skills you won't forget. My Sheri's Ranch Profile

Why I Love Virgins

If you get a chance to read my reviews, you will find several from those who were virgins and chose to come to this Nevada brothel to put an end to their virginity.  Although some choose their 21st birthday for … full story…

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Our Asian Massage Parlor Adventure

Ladies at Sheri’s Ranch renowned for their Asian massage prowess and celebrated for their erotic artistry, are available exclusively at Sheri’s Ranch near Las Vegas, Nevada. The sisters currently offer a two girl party experience for discerning gentlemen, women, and … full story…

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All Porn Stars Are Prostitutes

Dear porn industry, Stop looking down on adult video performers who work as legal prostitutes! Every girl in the industry does it, so why scorn porn stars who do it legally? Let’s face it. Everyone in the adult business has … full story…

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Why Are Asian Girls Sexy?

Asians are arguably the most stereotyped of female sex workers. We have developed a reputation as docile, genial pleasure-robots who live only to service lustful Asiaphiles in illegal massage parlors hidden throughout the United States. The Asian sexual encounter promises … full story…

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My First Time as a Legal Prostitute

For the first time in my life, I’m going to fly into Las Vegas and begin my journey as a legal prostitute in a Nevada brothel. As I prepare for my trip, I can’t stop thinking about all of the … full story…

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