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I talked to my mom today like a good daughter, but she gave me a bunch of grief for not listening to her or something, I don't know, I wasn't really paying attention. My Sheri's Ranch Profile

Domination for Beginners

Crave something you’ve never tasted? Remember the perverse, dirty things you joked about in high school – have you ever thought of actually doing them? You’re not the only one. The women at Sheri’s Resort are here to tame your inner … full story…

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How To Perform Cunnilingus like a Champ!

Not every woman at Sheri’s Resort offers cunnilingus. If it’s important to you, ask. Some women really don’t like it. Others…meh. Some don’t get off on it. Some save it for their personal lives. Whatever the reason, be ready for … full story…

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Sex Role Play is Super-Nova Hot Fun!

Sex doesn’t have to be serious all the time. And the women at Sheri’s Resort are ready to play! If you’ve never role-played, you might think this is kind of silly. But role-play sex can be super-nova hot because you can enact ANY fantasy you’ve ever had. … full story…

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The Sexy Girlfriend Experience

Everyone knows that sex workers are clinical and impersonal, right? Not at Sheri’s Ranch! I get confused when people ask me if I do GFE (Girlfriend Experience.) I don’t know how to do it any other way. Sex without intimacy is like peas without … full story…

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Nevada Brothels and Discretion

Everyone has three different lives: public, private, and secret. Most people don’t want to share their private life…if they shared it, it wouldn’t be private. So there are a few privileged relationships where you can find true confidentiality: doctors, lawyers, … full story…

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My Double Life As A Legal Courtesan

I’ve had a geeky science job forever. A few years ago I started getting a little antsy. I was in between contracts, not looking forward to going back to work, and I really needed to get laid. I had Netflix, … full story…

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