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Nevada’s Brothels vs. CES 2016’s Virtual Marketplace

CES brings nearly 200,000 additional visitors to Vegas, and a considerable portion of those visitors will indulge in indelicate activities that give “Sin City” its nickname. Las Vegas area brothels, for example, usually report a substantial uptick in business during the trade … full story…

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Tech Savvy Prostitutes use Social Media [VIDEO]

Sheri’s Ranch is the unofficial brothel of the CES trade show for many reasons, including the legal bordello’s close proximity to Las Vegas and its abundance of technologically savvy courtesans. Re/code, the respected independent tech news resource, published a story … full story…

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The Naughty Little Secret of CES

CES, the international Consumer Electronics Show held annually in Las Vegas, showcases the most innovative consumer technologies and attracts pioneering business luminaries and tech industry thought leaders from across the globe. With over 150,000 attendees, CES is one of the … full story…

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