Sex toys: aides d ‘Amour. They come in an almost endless variety of shapes, colors, and functions. To the novice this can be confusing, even intimidating. How do you pick the right one? How do you use it once you’ve chosen? How do you know if it will be pleasurable?

With a veritable cornucopia of love accessories on the market choosing a sex toy can be an adventure! And there is no better tour guide than I, Erin, your courtesan extraordinaire! What are you most curious about? There are a few different areas we can concentrate on together; we can use toys that stimulate only the clitoris, vagina, or both; one that helps you to find the ever elusive G-spot, or maybe even ventures into backdoor territory.

Once we’ve selected one or more regions to pleasure, we can move on to the category of toy; vibrating dildos for the clitoris or vagina, rabbits for both; special shaped G-spot stimulating vibrators; butt plugs, anal beads, and strap-ons for well, you know.


So, now you’ve narrowed your choices and made a selection, but where do we go from here? While most people believe sex toys to be self explanatory, the simple fact is that they aren’t. If you just charge in guns blazing someone could get hurt. The most important thing to remember no matter what toy you’ve chosen is to ALWAYS use lubrication! Next, start gentle. Toys are all about trying new things and exploring you or your partner’s body. I would show you how to start gently and then add or decrease pressure or movement depending on what feels best.

When I use toys by myself or with a partner I know my body and what turns me on. Personally, I have a few favorites that I can show you how to pleasure me with, or we can explore some of your fantasies. We can experiment on you as well, I’m a gentle teacher and bring the comfort of experience to your first time.

You may be a toy virgin or just coming to learn some new tricks, but I can promise you that there is no better environment to let your inner creativity reign than Sheri’s Ranch. With me, the sexual connoisseur of all things illicit, I promise it will be an unforgettable rendezvous.

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A United States Marine Corps veteran and a native of Louisiana, Erin is a fiery redhead who provides exquisite sensual companionship for discerning ladies, gentleman, and couples. My Sheri's Ranch Profile
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9 Responses to Introduction to Sex Toys

  1. Emma says:

    Very interesting blog, Erin, and there are some great photos too. I’m sure there are a number of toy virgins out there who could benifit from your tutorage. Or even some toy veterans who would enjoy playing with your toys.

    Toys are a great way to get to know your own body which is really important for fulfilling sex life. I also really enjoy using toys with a partner. Toys add a whole new perspective to things!

  2. Winterfun says:

    Freely admitting to never having used one, but I admit trying toys out is definitely something on the list of things to try. The reason is fairly simple, I am hoping they show me something that I didn’t already know! Finding those things can be an adventure in and of itself I hope, but afterwards it’ll help add to my knowledge, and that can’t be a bad thing!

  3. Allissa says:

    I love dildos and strap ons!

  4. Mia Cummings says:

    I absolutely love this blog… I think as we get older we just find more exciting toys to play with..

  5. Red Diamonds says:

    My favorite toys are the hitachi wand & this amazing dildo that vibrates & moves!!!!

  6. As Erin mentioned, an abundance of toys can be found to compliment your sexual experience. Another thing I would like to point out is that toys are an enhancement to your pleasure and should never be thought of as a replacement for hot, human flesh!

  7. myssijane says:

    Great article Erin! I would second Montana that although toys are an enhancement to pleasure, it isn’t a replacement for the human touch.

  8. In preparation for my 11 day immersion into Sheri’s to celebrate my 69th birthday I am going to buy both Anal Beads and a Butt Plug so that the Anal Angels of Shari’s, Sasha, Cassie, Brittney, Erin and Kim can penetrate me. Love saying that. Sasha will have the honor of taking my Anal Cherry. As to human touch, I am planning to receive as many Prostate Massages as possible! MMMMMMM

  9. Peter T. says:

    I enjoyed the blog, I can’t believe I didn’t read it sooner! Now I’m really looking forward to your video tomorrow (or later today)!! I’m sure it will be fantastic, you have a great camera presents!!

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