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A sex fetish is the sexual excitement an individual feels for a specific object, item, or situation. Even though sex fetishes are rather common, sexual fetishists often explore their desires in secret, as modern society has a tendency to look down upon a person who is aroused by something which doesn’t fit into a box that the social order designates as “normal sexual behavior.”

Nevada brothels such as Sheri’s Ranch are the safest, healthiest, and most discreet venues for fetishists to explore their sexual interests. Whether you have a foot fetish, smoking fetish, or are into femdom and BDSM, the legal courtesans of Sheri’s Ranch will help you explore your fetishism thoroughly and unconditionally.

Read the latest blog posts about sexual fetishes written by Sheri’s sexually experienced courtesans and feel free to connect with a lady who strikes your interest, and shares an appreciation for your sexy fetish.

How to Give an Erotic Spanking

What do you think of when your birthday is coming up? Presents? Balloons and the smell of latex? Cake and hot wax dripping from candles? Well, my birthday is this weekend, and what’s most on my mind right now? Birthday … full story…

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Cross Dressing Fetish Party

The idea of a man hiking up a pair of sexy fishnet thigh highs, putting on a form fitting dress, dolling themselves up with make-up, and stepping into sky high stilettos to look as beautiful and feminine as possible, is … full story…

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My Batman Sex Fantasy

I have a crush on Batman. It started when I was a kid watching The Adventures of Batman & Robin on TV. He is a dark mysterious figure that everyone fears, but he’s one of the good guys. Brooding, he … full story…

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Breasts, Boobs, and Busty Beauties [PHOTOS]

Breasts! Tits, jugs, knockers, hooters, melons, headlights, or boobies. No matter what you call them, they are without a doubt the single most popular physical attribute in human history. All women have them and most men like them, a lot. … full story…

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Why Are Asian Girls Sexy?

Asians are arguably the most stereotyped of female sex workers. We have developed a reputation as docile, genial pleasure-robots who live only to service lustful Asiaphiles in illegal massage parlors hidden throughout the United States. The Asian sexual encounter promises … full story…

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Naughty Peeping Tom Makes a Voyeur Video

Phoenix, one of the lovely and libidinous ladies of Sheri’s Ranch, recently wrote a blog post about voyeurism that listed several sex tips for naughty voyeurs looking to explore the perverted possibilities of the fetish. A true exhibitionist, Phoenix enjoys … full story…

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How To Get Off As A Voyeur

Generally speaking, voyeurism is the act of watching someone during a private moment. Exhibitionism is the act of displaying something private to someone else. The key to safe and legal voyeurism and exhibitionism is consent. Without consent, both are usually … full story…

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Smoking Fetish: Why It Turns You And Me On

Let me start by explaining that I am a non-smoker, I used to smoke for years and then suddenly quit. My only reason for quitting was to live life a little healthier and I chose smoking as the habit that had to go. As a … full story…

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Foot Fetish, Footjobs, and other Feet Fantasies

While we know that the attraction to the female foot has existed since the beginning of man, historians, psychiatrists and scientists have tried to explain why some people develop a foot fetish. Regardless of the reason or the cause, loving … full story…

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