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Hey Hal,

Unfortunately I think all of the Ladies’ pages have ALL of the check boxes marked off for some reason, which makes it not very helpful for finding those who are into a specific fetish. I’d email directly, and ask if they are game for your plan. Or perhaps some will jump in here and let you know they like foot play.

As for your two visit idea, I see no problem with it at all, aside from the fact that it just adds steps to the logistics of it all. (i.e. you might have to work around schedules etc.) I personally would not be able to hold myself back for the second party, and would want to dive right in!…but to each their own LOL It’s not uncommon to have non-intercourse or non-sexual parties there, so no worries on that front.

Give it a shot! But I predict that your Two-visit plan will quickly change once you get back to her room! 😉

Best of luck! I’m sure some ladies will be here soon, to let you know that they cater to your foot fetish.

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