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But, I want to know if anyone knows a good car rental company there?

If you get onto one of the travel sites, such as Priceline, you can find very reasonable rental cars at the Rental Car Center in Las Vegas; which I am assuming you would be renting from. They have many companies to choose from and the process of renting one through these sites is actually pretty easy.

Would it accept debit cards, cash, money orders besides credit cards?

Most of the time however, most of the rental car companies want a credit card at the time of rental. They tend to put a deposit on the card, usually from $100 to $200, that is refunded a few days after the car is returned. They don’t tend to want debit cards as a deposit and if they do they increase the deposit amount at times to even $500. But, as mentioned previously, you can reserve the card with a credit card and pay for the rental with a debit card or cash when you return the car.

Hope this helps…


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