Reply To: Arrival to Sheri's Ranch



The speed limit after the pass from Las Vegas to Pahrump is 75, but NHP is know to be strick. I normally do around 5 above and have been fine. If you want to go faster, just make sure someone ahead of you is even faster then you. It’s very rare to have more then one officer on that stretch of road due to how much land they have to cover.

Also at the top of the pass is a small town and the speed limit drops to 50 I believe but it could be lower. That section you need to be careful in.

The main rule of thumb is just drive safe, you want to make it. The total trip is from the airport to the ranch is 56 miles. So really doing 85 or 90 only saves you about 10 mins because you can really only do high speeds after the pass. Before the pass you have a lot of traffic getting out of the metro area then you go thru Red Rock park which has some turns and a steep climb. I always look at it this way. Trying to save 10 mins could actually delay you by 30 min and cost you 1000 dollars between the fine and insurance increases. I would rather arrive 10 mins later and have that money to party with.