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I was at one time directionally challenged so I understand your apprehension. As suggested a GPS MAYBE of reasonable assistance. I know of some who have used said devise, didn’t have great luck and were sent afar and asunder. So success is not assured.

However, let me give you a little help with some visuals.

First, after you get your car, presumably at the LAS rental facility, make your way to the strip go down toward the end, you will find SR160 ( Blue Diamond Road.)

After you get on Blue Diamond the road will look a lot like this:

Blue Diamond

See those mountains ahead, your going to drive through and over them. Famously known as the “Hump to Pahrump”, takes about an hour more or less.

You’ll know your close when you see this sign on your right.

Pahrump Sign

Decelerate slightly and look to your left for Manse Rd. turn from 160 onto Manse. Monitor your speed coming off 160 its easy to speed on these now residential roads and we need to be considerate of the locals.

You will come to the intersection of Manse and Homestead Road.

Manse and Homestead 1

Manse nad Homestead 2

At this intersection turn left and go all the way down to the end of the road.

When you see this on your right:


You know your on the right path.

This is the end of the road.

End of Road

Look to your left, that’s Sheri’s, should you decide to continue over the mountains ahead its going to be rough terrain but welcome to California.

Remember don’t park in Marci’s parking spot:

Marci Spot

and enter through the bar entrance.

Bar Entance

Good luck neophyte!!!!

My Best,


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