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There’s great news for all admirers desiring to spend special intimate time together with the gorgeous Ellie! Ellie has vastly increased her Sheri’s Ranch Courtesan appearance dates so your chances of meeting her are tremendously enhanced! Also, Ellie has posted new photos and she looks even more ravishing… if that’s possible because she previously depicted an elegant fairytale princess! In addition, Ellie has been regarded the most beautiful Lady in all of LPIN on the renowned CWM message board! Furthermore, Ellie has earned 32 perfect score 5.0 client reviews for an impeccable 100% record!

Ellie’s Courtesan’s Official Page Profile, Photos, Schedule, Statistics, and Reviews:
* http://www.sherisranch.com/lady.aspx?id=558

CWM Message Board Field Report Review:
* http://www.sex-in-nevada.net/lpin/reviews/text/0893.html

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