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Rewith – I tend to agree with you that the Sheris Ranch limo is a little unfair, but I’ve also seen reports from several people who did it and enjoyed the experience. You get to relax on the drive, roll like a VIP, plus the drivers are friendly and entertaining. I was merely presenting you with the options, considering that you seem a little hesitant to drive yourself.

I’m not sure I understand your question, and I think there may be a bit of a misunderstanding. There is a difference between the Sheris Limo (which is hired by the ranch to pick up customers) and any of the many public limo and cab services that work out of Las Vegas.

With a Vegas cab/limo service, say from the airport, you would negotiate a rate and pay on your own, to go back and forth to Pahrump. That’s about 3hrs of drive time plus waiting for you while you party inside, so as you can imagine that would be pretty pricey. (I would guess several hundred dollars…which is why most have recommended the much cheaper 1-2day car rental option)

Using the Sheris Limo, you would call the office, and schedule a pick up. There is no direct payment from you (but you should tip the driver for their service), but instead the Sheri’s office pay their rate out of the proceeds from your activities there. So from the customer perspective, the ride is “complimentary”, but you should be aware that since this effects the courtesans take home pay, they factor it into the negotiations…possibly reducing your “bang for the buck”. It may seem unfair on the basis of a single party, but when you consider that the drivers probably will spend their whole day being your chauffeur, and that a small percentage of patrons actually use their service, then it makes more sense. They have to make a living, too!

Basically, you will pay to get there one way or another. I enjoy the drive in from SoCal or Vegas when I visit, and prefer that my fees go the women that so generously share themselves with me, so I choose the drive yourself option.

Hope that helps!

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