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(If you drive yourself she splits 50/50 with the house. With the limo, I believe she splits her half with the driver so it’s now 50 house/25 driver/25 courtesan)

As I understand it the calculus goes like this, assuming a $1000.00 party.

$1000.00 – 30% = $700.00 ( this is the transport cut, which comes off of the top before the split.)

$700.00 – 50% = $350.00 ( House Split)

$350.00 leaving this residual amount for your lady of desire.

With a Vegas cab/limo service, say from the airport, you would negotiate a rate and pay on your own, to go back and forth to Pahrump. That’s about 3hrs of drive time plus waiting for you while you party inside, so as you can imagine that would be pretty pricey. (I would guess several hundred dollars…which is why most have recommended the much cheaper 1-2day car rental option)

I don’t find this credible either. Be it the house limo or any form of compensated transport the 30% cut still applies. This has been a time honored tradition in LPIN for decades, courtesy of the grandfather of LPIN Joe Conforte’, more on this later.

There is a difference between the Sheris Limo (which is hired by the ranch to pick up customers) and any of the many public limo and cab services that work out of Las Vegas.

The limo service is not hired by the ranch….these are ranch limos and the drivers are on the ranch payroll.

YBG is right there are some folks that love the limo option. I have advised many a whale about the limo artifice and some just don’t care they willfully pay the differential. Its a matter of affordability and the experience you desire.

In my opinion, the limo service company is unfair. The limo driver(s) is supposed to charge the exact amount of money to the customer(s) he drives from the LAS Airport or another place to Sheri’s Ranch

Well you can thank Joe Conforte’ for this paradigm.

Joe and Sally

This is Joe with his wife Sally Burgess.

Before Joe met Sally and entered LPIN, Joe was a cab driver, in the San Francisco area I believe. This metric was used by businesses in his time as a cabbie to induce and motivate cabbies to bring tourists to their establishments. So guess what Joe did to get business for the Mustang?? He was kind of a mover and shaker.

As the story goes Joe fled the US for Rio in Brazil where he still resides. In recent years I have had some lateral contact with him but it been over a year since I’ve heard anything. He is in his eighties now, at last pass he had a young girlfriend and was living the good life.

So guys its either rent the car or prepare to pay the premium not too many ways around it.

My Best,


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