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The ability to send a PM from my Forum account is no longer available. Apparently the PM capability has been removed.

The “Send a message” button is still available on the Courtesans’ Official Pages, but the Forum PM message system menu is no longer available. It’s important to be able to contact other members, especially in my capacity as moderator. Also, clients must be able to contact Courtesans regarding party plans, recommendations and appointments.

The Sheri’s Ranch email system has been problematic in the past, and Courtesans may only respond to clients when physically at the brothel which further complicates matters. I believe this is a hot button for clients desiring a quick reply to party questions, and delayed email responses may cause loss of business.

Courtesans may currently correspond with clients via Facebook or Twitter accounts anyway. A Sheri’s Ranch PM system would be convenient and an accolade for Sheri’s Ranch, since the brothel business is highly competitive.

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