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To the Florida couple-

The best advice I can think of is don’t rush the decision. Make sure that you both are 100% sure it is what the other wants. Unfortunately in my life, I’ve had encounters with couples where one or the other has walked away upset and/or jealous, not because I did a poor job (I’m always awesome!), but because their communication was either one-sided or absent. I thrive on making people happy; the last thing I want is to hurt people’s feelings or break up a relationship because that conversation never happened.
Once you’ve had that talk together (you probably already have if you’re on here), try to pick a few girls from our site that you feel you might be comfortable with together. Make sure the ones you choose are into couples, and if you want, attempt to email them some more. Decide what you want to do beforehand, and what you’re both comfortable with. Hopefully by the time you get here in February you can connect with one of us more personally and we can give you everything you desire.
Sorry if that post was kinda Negative Nancy, I’m being honest so you can have the smoothest, most lovely first threesome possible!

Happy early birthday!

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