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saurabhindian- Hmmmm, well first off it has never occurred to me to stay there, and NOT party! 🙂 Honestly, if you subtracted all the beautiful women and my favorite bartender, Marci, I doubt I would stay there at all. Let’s just say I go there for a reason, and it ain’t the pool! LOL In my opinion if you are looking to enjoy a “resort”, you’d be better served at any one of dozens of properties in Vegas.

I’ve never used the Sheri’s limo, but it’s assumed that if you take the ride, that you intend to party. I’m not sure what happens if a patron decides not to party after using the limo service, but at the very least I’ll bet they would not be pleased…especially if you are also then staying at the hotel. Maybe Ranchmama will chime in with the policy on that.

Realize that, like with any sort of enterprise, customers get offered perks/discounts/upgrades based on the business they bring in. They are happy to hook you up if you’re spending money there, but they aren’t in the business of providing free shuttles to/from Pahrump.

Up to you, but I would call that Poor Form…don’t do it.


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