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John Antonio,
Yes, husbands are frequently accompanied by their wives, or boyfriends by their girlfriends, and they always seem to have a great time. It’s recommended that you stay in Sheri’s Hotel for a few days to enhance your experience too. You may perform a “Search Ladies by what she caters to” for Courtesans that specialize in couples parties. http://www.sherisranch.com/search-ladies.aspx

BTW, I saw a beautiful young Lady topless sunbathing on the swimming pool deck as I went to my hotel room around 11 am one morning. Later I was playing pool and the same nice looking Lady was sitting at a bar table next to the pool table in a rather revealing dress. If I had been a newbie I may have initiated a discrete conversation with her, but I knew most of the Courtesans and I had never seen her before that day. A few minutes later I discovered she was a client when her husband returned from the restroom. I would have been embarrassed if I had approached her, but she may have been a little flattered that someone thought she was beautiful enough to be a Courtesan.

My wife and I had a very nice 4sum party and we both really enjoyed it. The two Courtesans in our party taught my wife a few lovemaking secrets at her request. I think it made our relationship more open and uninhibited since the Courtesans impressed upon her that certain sexual activities that she previously thought too risqué or taboo were totally acceptable between most lovers. Our first time experience worked out very well indeed!

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