Reply To: Do you feel as good in the brothel as you do when you leave us ladies?



Hi Hailey – your question do I feel as good in the brothel, as when I leave?….No, I feel way better in the brothel than when I leave! Such a warm, welcoming atmosphere….my favorite thing is just hanging out in the bar area…enjoying some food, drink, jukebox tunes, and the company of all of you beautiful (inside and out!) women! The most fascinating and interesting conversations I have ever had with women, have been in the bar area of Sheri’s. The fact that if we also “hit it off” in conversation, that we can enjoy consensual, no-regrets sex, is the cherry on the top! Leaving Sheri’s after every trip is a sad moment made only better by knowing that soon, I will be back again. So Hailey, and all Ladies, know that my fondest memories are with the times spent at all areas of Sheri’s…..sports bar, poolside, bungalow, your rooms, the hotel, watching the sunrise and sunset in the courtyard, and just hanging with the most gorgeous and intelligent ladies on earth…!