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Firefighter that is the website we are using thanks for adding the link we weren’t sure if we could or not. Riley may have a few tricks up her sleeve on building muscle she was a power lifter you know!

Dear Destini, Erin & Riley,
Yes, you may add hyperlinks to your posts. The only limitation is it should be something relevant which this is because it concerns the weight consciousness of Sheri’s Courtesans.

Links that should be avoided are those directing to other brothels, other message boards (not including Twitter or Facebook social media), rogue, hateful or illicit websites and etcetera.

I didn’t know Riley was a powerlifter. Riley gave me some advice on drinking whey protein shakes. Thank you Riley!


P.S. Destini, your wishlist didn’t appear as a hyperlink for some reason. http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/ref=cm_wl_search_2?ie=UTF8&cid=A2CAYT0HSY8RPG

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