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So, I’m late to post on our little experiment because I went to bed early! This is day 2, and day 1 was challenging for me so I don’t know what I’m going to do today! I found that the amount of food was adequate for me at each meal, I did feel full after eating, but that I became hungry again an hour or so later. Also, I tend to get “hangry” (hungry + angry) when I go too long between meals/ snacks, lol. The schedule for the diet is very strict no snacking and my normal eating habits are small portions every 2 hours or so. I found that my energy levels were much lower than normal and that while our group exercising felt good, it also helped send me to bed early.

Having my friends here to support me is probably the most helpful thing with this diet. There were a few times yesterday that I considered just ONE cucumber or an extra banana, but knowing Destini and Riley were there for me and struggling too kept me from giving in.

Today, I felt more satisfied with the planned breakfast, even though it was less than yesterday. We ate breakfast at 930 and it’s now 1115 and I’m not hungry again yet, which is rare for me since I snack a lot usually. I’m optimistic about the whole experiment, I think if anything just drinking more water will help.

But I am not looking forward to cottage cheese for lunch … 🙁

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