Reply To: Newbie with lotsa questions



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1) Sheri’s Courtesans are skilled at making newbies feel very comfortable, so you should be completely relaxed in a matter of minutes.

2) There is no discrimination of any kind practiced at Sheri’s Ranch.

3) You may browse “This Weeks Lineup” and “Scheduled Ladies coming soon” for Courtesans that appeal to you.

4) Sheri’s Ranch does not approve of DFK because it is too invasive and there would be a risk of Sheri’s Courtesans acquiring Herpes, Hepatitis or Tuberculosis. Doggy style sex is a popular position for Courtesans and clients alike. Sheri’s Ranch Courtesans do not offer BBBJ or DATY without a dental dam. Proper protection is required according to Nevada statute.

5) Yes, there are several Sheri’s Courtesans that have natural big breasts that you may find on the same links above.

6) Some of the Courtesans cater to anal sex but only with a condom. You may Search Sheri’s Ladies for what she caters to: