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Kellie Love


Each lady is different in negotiations, so I can only comment on how I handle mine. Typically, it is just an open discussion between us two, in private of course, about what is to go on. Sometimes, it is based on time, sometimes on activity; but typically, it is a combination of both. As for things being scripted, it is more go with the flow. If we discussed a, b, and c and x rate, and agree to it, that is fine. It can be b first, then c, followed by a, or some other order. But don’t negotiate A, b, and c, pay for that, then expect the whole alphabet! Just like Flint said, do not embarrassed! We hear and see many things. If you want your party to go as smoothly and as fun as possible, be honest with your lady, and she will be with you. Best of luck, and enjoy!



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