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Oh, don’t worry Will7, what I write about is not a static place for me, when I say recently, I suppose that could mean a lot of things to a lot of people. It is not where I am today, for the record, its more I want to experience new things without strings attached. And surfing this forum and reading people’s experiences and fantasies is pretty fun way for me to put my foot in the pool, so to speak.

I’ve actually have gotten that none judgmental person, Will7, don’t worry. I had to take a step back from certain people in my life because a lot of people are quick to try to define you in many different ways.

The big lesson is you can never allow anyone or anything to define you in a way you don’t want to be defined.

I can only speak to belief in Christ…

… personal autonomy is certainly possible in a Christian or religious context. Looking to something greater than yourself matters a lot to people. Religion in its best concept, it offers you salvation, it offers your not only standards to live your life by, but purpose. It gets mucked up when witnessing becomes more along the lines of guilt or fear with a heavy helping of repression. That’s not really what Jesus preached, he got on his knees and cleaned his hangeroners feet. Think about that. Really think about how dirty their feet must of have been.

Anyway, not everything in the Bible is to be take as gospel. Ooo… that’s a bit radical for some people, but its my opinion.

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