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Thanks, Flint.
For some strange reason, I am reluctant to say who I was with. Gentlemen don’t tell. But here are some hints:
She sometimes wears high heels.
She has blogged about looking nondescript in work clothes and a ponytail in her other life.
I’ll write a review.

By the way, I left Sheri’s late, after midnight, sober certainly, but my thoughts were not on driving. I was stopped by police for going 55 when the limit changed to 35 in Pahrump. The guy was great and only gave me a warning, but for sure, I was not focused. My mind was on Shari….
And Suzanne, I think, was concerned that I had a long drive through the desert. She was right; it was a s–t drive. But it was all good in the end.

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