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Amber Lynn

@Tag Green
1. No need to be nervous or shy, we only bite when necessary! LOL!it helps to contact a lady you are interested in prior to your visit in order to build a rapport.

2. Not at all!

3. The best way to narrow down us sexy well endowed ladies is to check our profiles out on the website.

4. All activities and expectations should be discussed before the party begins during the negotiations. Keep in mind Sheri’s is a legal and safe establishment, thus everything is protected!

5. I proudly fall into the fabulously natural category! Woo woo!

6. That is a very special party, that not all of us offer.

When do you plan on visiting? Email me so we can chat a bit more…

A dental dam is a small thin piece of latex (that typically comes in various colors and/or flavors), used for oral pleasure! Although, some of us ladies prefer to use suran wrap instead.

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