Reply To: Celebrating my "69th" Birthday at Sheri's: Some Questions


Big LA Dodger Fan

My plan is to see in this order Joy, Trina, Red, Karli, Sasha, Cassie, Brittany, Kim and Erin and have made Reservations to see them at 5 PM. I am now in the process of booking all of these into the Roman themed venue for 2-3 hours. For these Liaisons I will take a Magic Pill. That will leave the earlier hours for shorter periods of mischief and on March 2-3 fit in Destini. I have also booked Erin for 10 AM on March 2. She makes me melt.

When I decided to do this adventure, I had not wrapped my mind around the fact that there is “socializing” if that is the correct term in the Bar, and actually my mind is still trying to grasp this. I imagine it won’t really hit me until I am there. I am going to bring a couple of books. It will be interesting to see if I spend much time in my room resting up for my mischief or soaking up the beauty and sensuality.

Regarding the Chaplain role, I am not planning to bring anything like dress trousers and shirts, ties etc. but if Sheri’s wants to do something special while I am there where I can help, I can bring a 3-piece suit and sundries. Seriously, let me know.