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Big LA Dodger Fan

Yes as I sit here on a Sunday morning with a nice mist outside and my Daily two miles behind me that is my plan, but we all know how to make God laugh don’t we? Correct, “Tell Her our plans!” Regarding the Magic Pills and my 2-3 hours and the Pills effectiveness, that will depend on when I take it (This is new territory for me) as I understand it and I was thinking of taking The PILL sometime during what for me will be a light dinner with no alcohol with my Consort. I fact I am planning to give all of the Courtesans I am seeing ASAP after I arrive a nice gift with a letter about me and what I am interested in to help speed negotiations when the time arrives. I am thinking that I will include a Pill in the envelop in a little plastic bag so that during our dinner they can in their own seductive way give me the Pill. This could all change but while I am out this morning I am going to shop for the small bags.

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