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Don’t be embarrassed about having little experience. There are plenty of guys out there that are still virgins, by choice or by poor circumstances, but it doesn’t matter. The great thing about having little experience is that you get to experience many different things for the first time! And Sheri’s is perfect because you can fumble around while you explore and the girls are very understanding. They will not laugh at you, trust me. As long as you are kind and respectful to them, they will show you the same courtesy.

As for choosing a partner, I wouldn’t do a line-up. Follow Flint’s advice. Check out the profiles and send out some emails to see who can accommodate your style of party. Let them know about your lack of experience so they can take that into consideration and carry out the best party for you. The profiles very accurately portray the ladies there, and their bios will give you a look into their personality. The reviews might also be helpful. You can make a reservation with a lady (I wouldn’t do more than one unless you are planning several parties so that you respect the time of the ladies) but you can always tell her you have changed your mind if you meet her and don’t think she is a good match for you. I was fortunate to have the hostess recommend someone for me who made my first time at the brothel a magnificent experience, but I wouldn’t rely on that. I think it would be so much better if you make the decision who you will party with.

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