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Big LA Dodger Fan,
You could bring your own dental dam because some of the Ladies use Saran Wrap, lol! Of course, any products a client intends to introduce into a party are subject to the approval of the Courtesan. There are many different types and manufacturers of dental dams and some are much better than others. I had one Courtesan produce one that was dark, thicker than normal and opaque, so I told her that it simply wouldn’t work because I couldn’t see through it nor feel her clitoris. A man really intent on his amorous lovemaking work must feel and see what he’s doing, lol!

If you make a connection or establish romantic chemistry with a Courtesan your brothel experience can be fantastic. The kissing will be more sensual and spontaneous if you’re both aroused. Courtesans enjoy respectful flirting and being romanced like any other woman! Also, on occasion the dental dam may slide out of place temporarily, because the area can become very wet and slippery, lol!

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