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Flint wrote, “I have had recent problems getting emails from some ladies at the Ranch.”

I believe the problems with the Sheri’s email system are that the Courtesans may only access it while physically at the ranch. The use of Courtesans’ personal email to contact clients is prohibited. Also, there are only a very few house computers that the 24 Ladies must share. In addition, when the Ladies are finally back at Sheri’s, they must respond to numerous backlogged emails in their spare time only. The Ladies must update their licensing and undergo a medical checkup as soon as they arrive in Pahrump too. Plus, it takes many hours to retrieve their belonging from storage and ready their bedrooms. If a Courtesan has several parties upon her return, she has very little time for computer work. If a client needs to contact a Courtesan immediately, I recommend twitter direct messages, since the Sheri’s PM system was abolished and the Sheri’s email system is archaic and problematic.

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