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Eva M

Hi Lyndon,

I’m Eva, one of the courtesans at Sheri’s. I often find myself catering to men much like yourself… Shy and with limited experience, but don’t be embarrassed, you’re at the right place to change all of that. It’s simply a matter of figuring out what you’d like in a partner / teacher. As Andy mentioned our Bio’s are pretty accurate. Once you email your top choices you’re sure to find a patient and compassionate lady to teach you a few love making tricks.

Unfortunately we (the working girls) can not leave the premise with a customer for an outdate. Since you’re familiar with our website and the ladies available, why not send a few of your top choices an email and get a feel for their personality. I would say to start by searching the dates you’d like to visit the ranch and focus on whom will be available. Otherwise too many choices can be overwhelming and distract from your goal of connecting with a courtesan and have an intimate session.

The girls rooms are pretty standard but most decorate it according to her personal likings. You can however upgrade to a bungalow as mentioned by Firefighter and enjoy yourself more based on what you’ve described for your time here. Of course everything must first be negotiated and to do that you need to pick a courtesan. Good luck and hope to meet you when you get here.

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