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Prostitution is illegal in Clark (which contains Las Vegas), Washoe (which contains Reno), Douglas, and Lincoln Counties Nevada.

There are many problems associated with illegal prostitution in Las Vegas. If arrested, a client may have their name printed in the newspaper and be fined. In addition, they may be robbed or need medical treatment resulting from an assault or STDs.

Clients have the licensed legal Nevada brothel and Professional LPIN Courtesan’s assurance that they will be satisfied with the sex party for which they negotiated and paid; however, an indie prostitute usually can’t offer a client any reputable endorsement, and there is little recourse if a client doesn’t receive the illegal sex party for which they paid.

In addition to an indie’s escort fee a client in most circumstances must reserve a separate hotel room in case they’re sharing their regular hotel room with friends or a spouse. There are a couple more reputable escort agencies in Las Vegas, but they all deal in illegal prostitution so clients really have no lawful recourse. The end result of booking an indie verses a Professional Legal Brothel Courtesan may be that the John didn’t save any money at all, but they were definitely put at risk concerning an assault, STDs, loss of money they’re carrying and being arrested!

Sheri’s offers a selection of 24 Courtesans at peak times, and clients are able to converse with them prior to committing to a party; however, if you make an appointment with an anonymous indie you don’t usually get a choice once she arrives for your date. If a John finds that she’s not what they expected and they wish to cancel their date, they’ll usually be obligated to compensate the indie for her time.

If a client becomes involved in a dispute with an indie it can result in a physical altercation and they may ultimately be arrested for assault. In addition, the client may be assaulted by her pimp or bodyguard. If a John is defrauded by an indie they are not usually at liberty to notify the police because they were involved in an illegal activity. Also, a client may pick up an indie prostitute in a casino bar and be taken somewhere to be robbed or worse.

Illegal prostitutes are not subject to STD testing and a client can’t have them tested prior to sex. Keep in mind there has never been a STD Case Reportedly Transmitted in Legal Nevada Brothels. However, Las Vegas Nevada Sexually Transmitted Disease Statistics are alarming for indie prostitutes including escorts; in 2008 there were 433 cases of Aids reported and a condom or dental dam may not provide foolproof protection.

Las Vegas is the gambling capitol of the United States, but does a client desiring sex want to wager their health or their life or risk STD infecting their domestic partner or spouse? http://newblog.sherisranch.com/forums/topic/bad-advise/#post-2736

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