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Yes, I recommend renting a car so you’ll have more freedom and be able to explore the area, shop and etcetera. In addition, it will allow you more leverage in negotiations, since the limo driver’s 30% cut of the party proceeds won’t be a factor. However, some clients still prefer the limo since the driver will pick them up at Las Vegas McCarran Airport, transport them to Sheri’s Ranch 60 miles away, and provide a return to Las Vegas whenever desired.

There are currently 32 Courtesans that perform NURU massages, and they are AJ, Akira, Allissa, Amber Lynn, Angel Parr, Callie, Candice, Cassie, Char, Charina Lee, Chloe, Crissy Lee, Destini, Eden, Erin O’Hara, Hailey Leigh, Jasmine Jones, Joy, Kellie Love, Kitty Cat, Mandi Love, Michelle Lai, Monroe Rivers, Montana, Myssi Jane, Red Diamonds, Riley, Sassy Pants, Scarlett Belle, Tatyana, Tessa Rae and Trina Diamonds. I would email a few of these Courtesans for communication to determine your primary choices and confirm they’ll be at Sheri’s Ranch on April 15th. I would choose a backup Lady just in case for some reason your selected Courtesan’s schedule changes, or you decide she’s not for you upon face to face meeting and party discussion.

You may perform a “Search Ladies by what she caters to” at hyperlink http://www.sherisranch.com/search-ladies.aspx since more Courtesans may be added as NURU Massage providers later. You can click on their thumbnail photos to view their profile and schedule.

Unfortunately I haven’t partied with all these Courtesans and I don’t know to what type woman you’re attracted including but not limited to younger or more mature Ladies, slender or voluptuous, tall or petite, blonde or red or dark hair, blue or green or brown eyes, large or small breasted and etcetera. Also, personalities are an important consideration and you may make a connection or instill romantic chemistry with one of the Courtesans when you finally arrive at Sheri’s Ranch. In addition, I hesitate to name Courtesan preferences on the board because the other Ladies may feel slighted and throw rocks at me upon my next visit, lol.

I will say that of the Ladies that perform the NURU Massage and are still appearing at Sheri’s Ranch, I have partied with Amber Lynn, Char, Charina Lee, Destini, Erin O’Hara, Hailey Leigh, Joy, Michelle Lai, Montana and Riley. I would personal experience recommend any of these Ladies, but that doesn’t mean any of the other 22 NURU Massage specialists wouldn’t be exceptional too. In addition, I’ve partied with periodically appearing Sheri’s Ladies Alexis Ann, Ansley, Brittney Ryder, Christina Star, Ellie, Fabienne, G.I. Jen, Karli Brooks, Kate by Fate, Katie Marie, Kimmy D., Luv, Olivia, Phoenix Daniels and Suzanne, and all those GFE parties were fantastic too.

I recommend you peruse the Courtesans’ profiles to find a Lady with whom you’re interested if you’re considering additional parties other than the NURU Massage. The regularly appearing Sheri’s Ladies appear on the following lineups:
Sheri’s Ranch Weekly Lineup http://www.sherisranch.com/lineup.aspx and
Scheduled Ladies coming soon http://www.sherisranch.com/comingsoon.aspx

Good luck and I know you’ll have a great time because you’ll be in very capable and sensuous hands with a Sheri’s Professional Courtesan!

P.S. I recommend that you stay at Sheri’s Hotel for a few days to thoroughly enjoy the brothel experience! You’ll be able to shower, shave, refresh or rest whenever you like. The double queen bed standard rooms are complimentary for a very minimum party cost, and you may upgrade to a single king bed Suite for $40 more per day. http://www.sherisranch.com/hotel/

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