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Big LA Dodger Fan

In the movie “Inside Man” Jodie Foster plays Madeline White, a fixer trying to protect some secrets hidden in a bank vault during a bank robbery. For most of the movie her hair is in a Ponytail, ordinarily a big turn on for me but for some reason not so much in this case. However some time into the movie her hair is no longer in the Ponytail and is hanging lose and then the camera is to her back looking over her shoulder as she talks to somebody and I became transfixed by her blond hair that is cut in a straight line across her back. I don’t know if it was the precision of the cut, the contrast of her blond hair against what she was wearing, the way it fell on her back or some combination of all of these but I just remember holding my breath for a moment and appreciating the beauty of what I saw. I don’t ever remember ever being moved in quite the same way before or since but I think that began my appreciation and fascination with women’s hair that is now a very strong Fetish for me and beautiful hair an instant Turn ON for me.

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