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Sheri’s Ranch does not plan or advertise an official New Year’s Eve party. However, many customers usually patronize the brothel, bar and restaurant on the evening of December 31st to celebrate the new year. Sheri’s primary business concern is the brothel and the bar & restaurant are provided as a customer convenience. Official New Year’s Eve parties primarily attract people for alcohol consumption that entails excessive drinking, and Sheri’s doesn’t want to contribute to a possible disastrous situation.

There are only 3 hotel rooms remaining as of 6:00 pm on 12/22/14, so if you desire to spend the night I recommend that you make a reservation immediately. Also, you’re advised to make an appointment with the Courtesan of your choice and reserve a bungalow for the time you desire, so you aren’t disappointed on New Year’s Eve.

Happy New Year 2015!

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