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Firefighter, Thank you for your insight and knowledge you have passed on to me & others that will have read this. My Bestman is coming over in Jan 15 so will discuss with him and then book accordingly. I would love the experience of staying over for a few days & am seriously going to look into this. And as advised I will try communicating with 1 or 2 of the ladies prior to visiting. I must ask though as a freshman to this for some advice on how best to communicate with the ladies so firstly I don’t come across a complete a****le, is there anyway I can communicate with you privately as I would like to ask you a question or 2 regarding your username & if you are one would I be able to have a visit to one of your stations. We have adapted so much of our skills & kit especially our PPE from the Americans & would love the chance to visit a station over there.


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