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I would but our PM system was removed in September. I wasn’t provided a Sheri’s Ranch email account, since I can’t access the system from home. You can send me a private message on twitter at Firefighter @FiremanEngineer. Also, you can send me a PM on CWM message board if you’re a member.

Basically most of the 7 standard rooms have two queen beds, a bathtub & shower combination, TV tray, and a small CRT television.

The 3 Suites (Romance, Pirate & Egyptian) are much larger and have one king size bed instead of 2 queens, fireplace, mini refrigerator, LCD television, shower, jetted bathtub, sofa and dinette. http://www.sherisranch.com/hotel/

The standard room is complimentary with a minimum $500 party, and clients may upgrade to a suite for $20 weekdays and $40 weekends. The standard rooms are normally $75 weekdays and $85 weekends, and the suites are $95 & $125. It’s recommended that you reserve a room in advance, since only 10 rooms are available. Sorry, there is no Wi-Fi system.

Sheri’s Ranch is offering the “Ultimate Sex Vacation” packages that include a 2 or 3 night Hotel stay too. http://www.sherisranch.com/adult-sex-vacation/

The Ultimate Sex Vacation packages prices are the only figures we can provide because Nevada’s prostitution solicitation prohibition dictates that actual sex party negotiations be conducted on the licensed brothel premises. In addition, Sheri’s Professional Courtesans are independent contractors; they’re at liberty to set their own party prices, and types of parties or menu items they offer.

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