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There are very few Courtesans that submit their schedules over 4 months in advance. A few Courtesans work fulltime at Sheri’s Ranch, so their projected schedules are usually fairly accurate. There are part time Courtesans that have other jobs, careers, and children so their schedules aren’t usually extended out as far. In addition, some Courtesans have other responsibilities and personal commitments so their schedules may change frequently. Courtesans are not unlike other people so they may have a family emergency, illness, legal matters, and other unforeseen obligations that need immediate attention. The most accurate Courtesan search by date range is less than a month, and beyond that it can’t be totally relied upon. Sheri’s Ranch makes a valiant attempt to post the Courtesan’s schedules as accurate as possible, but total perfection is really an impossibility. If you have a specific Courtesan in mind, my suggestion is to “Send a message” from her profile page to confirm she will be at Sheri’s Ranch on a certain date.

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