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The 10 Sheri’s Hotel rooms are behind the Brothel (on the northeast side) in the rear courtyard area. The suites are Romance, Pirate and Egyptian, and there are 7 standard rooms. The 10 hotel rooms are in the same “L” shaped building. The hot tub and swimming pool are in the center of the Hotel, Brothel and 5 VIP Bungalow buildings. The Hotel is approximately 50 feet away from the main Brothel building and 5 VIP Bungalow buildings. The Hotel is a separate building between and off to the north side of the Brothel building and VIP Bungalow buildings. It’s very quiet in the Hotel rooms and you will get a very restful nights sleep. Yes, you can book far in advance, and I recommend it if you’d like a suite instead of a standard room. If one king bed instead of two queens is acceptable, the suites are well worth the extra cost.