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Flint said, “how do ladies avoid the smoky aroma of the bar?”

Some of the non-smoking Courtesans and Ladies with respiratory problems or allergies only enter the bar and restaurant when absolutely necessary on their respective shifts. There are a few Courtesans that are essentially appointment only too. A slideshow of currently appearing Courtesans is shown on monitors in the bar. If you don’t see your Lady of interest in the bar, ask the hostess if she’s available. If it’s excessively smoky in the bar, I would ask the hostess if you and your chosen Lady may talk in the parlor or in the rear courtyard to avoid the smoke. In any case, if you know with which Lady you desire to party, ask your Courtesan to be taken to her room for negotiations. Negotiations can take anywhere from one minute to half an hour depending on the party type, menu items, explanations of specifics and if you’re enjoying your conversation.

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