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Mistakes are just ways of learning…

No legal issues would occur for the lady if you had sent someone a message. You probably got a response from the lady that said she couldn’t give you prices over the Internet. However, if you offer the lady a ballpark estimate in an email, after also sharing your desires concerning your party, she can let you know if you are within range.

Management cannot quote prices either because, as Firefighter mentioned, all the ladies are different in so many ways. Certain packages have been created by the Ranch but they do not include the lady of your choice within the deal. They do however include a voucher that can be used towards time spent with a lady of your choosing.

Truly the best route to finding out specific information from a lady is to start a dialogue through email with her. In this manner, you can gain as much information as allowed from the lady you are wishing to spend time with. One other thing to remember…we are unable to read or respond to email while we are away from the Ranch so don’t get frustrated if you don’t receive a response when we are on sabbatical.

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